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    How to order - Terms of Service


    Stickers $15

    Sticker-style commissions are a small looping animation of a single character. The style of these is simplified to give a cute sticker-like appearance.

    Page doll $40

    Animated page dolls have more complex animations and art than the animated stickers do. Designs for this option are not simplified, which makes this ideal for those who want more complex or model sheet accurate pieces.

    Icons $30-$35

    Animated icons vary in price based on complexity. Simple icons will be sold for $30 and consist of a simple looping animation, more complex icons will be sold for $35 and consist of a looping animation plus an additional expression (such as a character opening their mouth to smile, laugh, etc.)

    Two-frame chibis $5

    Extremely simple stylized stickers, they're only two frames and show an expression or action that can only really be conveyed in two frames. These are perfect if you're looking for something simple to decorate your page or signature with!


    Artistic liberty PWYW, $10 minimum

    Artistic liberty illustrations are exactly as the title implies. These may be very stylized and experimental in nature.

    "Can you make (xyz)?"

    Yes! I can! I do not limit myself to one specific thing! Robots, humans, animals, furries, bugs, horror art, cute things, surreal, anything and everything! If you can think of it, I can and will draw it for you!

    How to order

    Send an email to my business email, Please provide a reference sheet and some information about what you'd like as well as any socials you have so you can be credited when a commission is posted! Make sure you read the TOS before ordering!

    Terms of Service

    If I am uncomfortable, I have the right to refuse a commission. Any commissions that have been refused will be refunded in full.

    I will not begin work until I have received at least half of the payment. Orders over $50 can be paid in parts if requested. The finished commission will be delivered once it has been paid off in full.

    I conduct background checks on my clients. If this is something you take issue with, then my services are not for you.

    All sales are final! Once I accept a commission and complete it, it can no longer be refunded!

    I do not do business with anyone under the age of 18. If you are a minor, you will need a parent or legal guardian to commission me on your behalf.

    I will not draw NSFW. Suggestive pieces of adult characters are fine, pornography is not.

    I will NOT draw anything hateful. This includes homophobia, transphobia, racism, personal attacks against another, or intolerance of any kind.

    Likewise, I refuse to do work with pedophiles, zoophiles, and anyone else who condones this behavior. You are not welcome here, my art is not for you, get out.

    Any piece of art you commission from me is free for you to share, so long as you credit me wherever the art is used or shared! The only exception to this is crypto or NFT's. Using my work to promote or distribute crypto and/or NFT's or any other financial scam WILL result in legal action and an immediate blacklist from my shop.